Crochet Christmas Candies without a Pattern

November 05, 2020

I decided to make some Crochet Christmas Candies for an upcoming project I have in mind.

Here is the video I made, and below it is an edited transcript of the video.

Today I’m going to show you the steps I took to make this little guy without a real pattern. 

I love to wing it and just make things as I go I do that with all my other craft stuff so I might as well do it with crochet let's see how I made this let's go. 

1. Grab your stuff scissors a hook some yarn I got some red and white because I’m making peppermints you need a darning needle to weave in your ends I didn't use that stitch marker I grabbed some paper and a pen to write down my pattern. 

2. My next step I just stared at my paper in my yarn for about an hour because I have no clue what I’m doing. 

3. Next you need to give up and go google Christmas candies crochet free pattern in whatever order you want and see what pops up. 

4. Decide you didn't like any of them because they're not quite what you want because you got an idea in mind but it's not what they're giving you so you gotta start writing down what you think you're gonna need to do and keep in mind there's a lot of changing and scratching out and everything else when you're winging it. 

5. Just start crocheting let's see what happens anything could happen make sure you sort of follow what you wrote down and if you change what you wrote down mark it out and write the new stuff down. 

6. At some point you may realize you just don't like what you're doing go ahead and frog that poor little fella and just start over go ahead don't forget you need to write down any changes you make along the way so you know how to do it again the next time you decide to make the same pattern. 

7. All right now's the time to just go ahead and go for it and make it I started with : 

A chain five and then joined it 

I did a single crochet four times 

I then did a single crochet and then it include single crochet and include until I got it the size I wanted it to and then I just wove in the ends

Next I gotta just add the details I did a slip knot pulled it through the center of my little doohickey and then just did slip stitches all the way around in a spiral to make it look like a peppermint candy 

8. Don't forget to weave in your ends and there you go there's my little peppermint candy made on the fly.

Look how cute that is it's a little ugly yeah I know but y'all don't know what I’m gonna do with it I like it it's cute thank you so much for watching I hope that's helpful to you I hope you learned something.

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