DIY Easy Beginner Knit Ear Savers for Face Masks

August 25, 2020

 Easy basic tutorial on how to make knitted ear savers for face masks that use elastic for the ears.

I used worsted weight scrap wool yarn, about 3 yards per saver, and number 8 US sized needles (5.0mm) You could use that yarn and tapastry needle to sew the buttons if the needle will fit through the button holes. Pattern: CO 12 sts onto needles Row 1-2: K Row 3: Kfb, K to last st, Kfb. Rows 4-5: K Row 6: K2tog, K to last 2sts, K2tog. Rows 7-8: K BO, Weave in all tails and sew a button on each end. Like my stuff? "Buy" me a "cup of coffee" and support the thangs I do! A one time "cup of coffee", Background Music Credit : Tuesday by Sascha Ende Link: License: #knitting #EarSavers #simplecozylife

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