My mind is filled with happy thoughts.

September 28, 2020

My mind is filled with happy thoughts.

Affirmations for Happy Thoughts

I am in control of my thoughts. By directing my thoughts, I am in control of my life.

I choose to think positive, happy thoughts. I reject negative thoughts because of the negative impact they have on my life.

I realize that controlling my thoughts is my responsibility. Only I determine the content of my thinking.

My brain can generate random thoughts that are negative. I immediately notice when a negative thought appears and replace that thought with one that is positive. I refuse to tolerate any thoughts that fail to serve me and my goals. My mind only has room for positive thoughts.

I am generally a happy person. I know that happy thoughts lead to happiness, so I choose my thoughts carefully.

I have the ability to think about anything I desire. I desire happy thoughts, so that is what I choose.

Today, I am taking full control of my mind. I am focused on being happy today. I reject all negative thoughts and embrace those that are positive. I know that happy thoughts are necessary to experience a state of happiness, so I am filling my mind with happy thoughts.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I think about on a regular basis? What do I think about in bed at night? In general, are my thoughts positive or negative?

2. How would I rate my mood? If I thought happier thoughts, how would my mood be impacted?

3. Do I feel in control of my thoughts? Or do I feel that my thoughts are random and outside of my control? How can I practice controlling my thoughts?

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