Crafts I’m Loving

January 09, 2021

I’ve been saying for years all over my social media profiles, that I’m a serial crafter.  I am.  I love to start new projects, learn new techniques, jump past beginner items to the hard stuff.  This feeds my soul and makes a pile of UFOs (Un Finished Objects).

I have also signed up for emails for knitting projects, crochet projects, journal prompts, writing workshops, craft round ups, and loads of food recipes… email upon email that I lightly scan over, then save to never read again.

So, of course, I have decided to start a actually sending emails myself, over all the fun crafts I've found on the internet. Why not sign up for my emails at this handy-dandy link here, and start receiving emails from me?  They could be weekly, they could be monthly... ya' never know!  It's like my blogging and video style, I do what I do when I want!  I don't like spam myself, so your info will be safe (through MailChimp's security).  

I am collecting fun and/or easy crafts I have either tried or want to try, but I definitely want to share with you. I'll blog about each and then do a round up of my favorites to send out in the emails. This should be fun!  Hope you enjoy.

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