My She-Shed: part 1 - Planning the Shed

May 28, 2021
Let's Build A She-Shed - part 1: Planning

So the other morning I posted on TikTok my morning video, but I went outside to show a peek at what the hubby and I are about to start on.


morning! ##CoffeeTimeWithAnn ##gsd ##sheshed

♬ Coffee Music - Cafe Music BGM channel

Needless to say, it's only in the planning stage because IT WON'T STOP RAINING IN TEXAS.  Stupid weather...

But I am going to take everyone on the journey of making my She-Shed from start to finish.  Right now, I am planning, planning, planning.  Because, rain.

We have a load of gravel on the way, just waiting for it to dry up a bit so the truck doesn't tear up my drive and get stuck. Our entire yard, all 2 1/2 acres, is just a muddy swamp. And it's going to rain and storm all next week.  This entire month of May has been a mess.

While I'm waiting, I've been pinning lots of ideas over on pinterest. I have a general idea on what I want, it's the little details that are giving me Pin-Overload.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Next up, time to empty the shed and reuse or recyle what's been stored so long that we've forgot what's in there... 

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