tiktok has taken over my life...

May 03, 2021
I joined tiktok back last year during lockdown, like most people did. But, I didn't start posting until this past February. By March 1st, I had over 1000 followers and I can now go live! WhooHoo!! (pssttt..go follow me)
What surprised me the most about tiktok was the crochet community is more welcoming and supportive than any community I've been a part of. Since I've joined, I've also neglected my blog, website, YouTube, Facebook, and most all other social networks. I now finally have found my peeps. I'm a tiktoker. 
Let's see oneof my favorite tiktoks I've posted:

Today, I'm hunkering down during a thunderstorm and tornado watch, so ad soon as I can post from my computer (instead of this phone), I'll figure out how to embed some tiktoks.  Maybe post a weekly roundup... until then, go follow me over there!
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