Let's Make a Scrappy Crochet Blanket! Part Two - Round 8

Let's Make a Scrappy Crochet Blanket! 

Part 2: Round 8

This is the second part of my Scrappy Crochet Blanket... actually, it's the third part if you count the index, or the Series Intro post.

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Now to the rounds that I actually made up myself!!  

As I said in a previous post, I'm writing this pattern for beginners and will not be counting stitches other than special parts, such as the corners.

For round 8, I switched colors, which most rounds will have a color switch. My round 7 corners had 4 DCs in them, so I joined with a slip stitch in the space between the 2 DC before the corner. Then, Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), dc in same space(sp), Ch2, 2 dc in next sp, then:
each side - dc until corner
each corner - 2 dc in space between the 2 DC before the corner, Ch 2, 2 dc in next sp 

I hope that's easy to follow!! Comment below if you have trouble with it and I'll try to update this round with clearer instructions. Be sure to check the Series Intro post for the next round.


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