Let's Make a Scrappy Crochet Blanket! Part Three- Round 9


Let's Make a Scrappy Crochet Blanket! 

Part 3: Round 9

This is the third part of my Scrappy Crochet Blanket. For the other parts, see the index, or the Series Intro post.

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Time for round 9, if by any chance you actually have the same stitch count as I do, you would have 17 sts on each side with 6 in each corner. Since I did a color change again, I started in the middle of a side to shake things up.  (And my Phoenix blanket had bulky bits where I kept starting in the same corner... didn't want that again.)

Before I began, I marked each corner with stitch markers, 2 sts before & 2 sts after.  This way, I didn't really need to count my side stitches!  See my TikTok below

Start : Ch 2
Each side :  hdc up to 2 sts before corner
Each corner : tc, tc, 3 tc in corner space, tc, tc
End : Join with slip st in top of the beginning Ch 2

Boom. Simple. On to the next round!!

(my TikTok below had the description wrong, it should have said "round 9 corner", not "round 10 corner"... you can't edit TikToks after you post them.)

just me trying to decide what stitches to use... ##crochetersoftiktok ##teamtextiletok ##crocheting ##crochet

♬ Chillest in the Room - L.Dre

round 10 corner... I meant to post this before round 11 color roll. oops. ##crochet ##crocheting ##teamtextiletok ##crochetersoftiktok

♬ Forest - Pink Hoodie
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