Scrumbles On My TikTok

January 07, 2022

Do you scrumble? What is a scrumble? How many times can I say "scrumble" in one post? In this short post, I am not going to explain this.  

scrumbles intro graphic

No, I am not. I am, however, going to dazzle you with my first few tiktoks about the subject that may, or may not, shed some light onto the subject. Why? Because I have had a somewhat hard time trying to pinpoint the "how to" part of scrumble-ing. So many beautiful pictures on Pinterest and Google search, but not many "how to" posts. Am I going to post a "how to"? Only time will tell.  Until then, enjoy these few tiktoks!

Let's see what I started over on TikTok:

@annmalonesulsar do you scrumble? #crochet #crocheting #crochettiktok #crochetersoftiktok #scrumble ♬ Elevator Music - Bohoman

Just what is a scrumble?

@annmalonesulsar Reply to @yarn_lover80 hope this helps, maybe @crochetdragon can explain better? #crochettiktok #crochetersoftiktok #scrumble #crochet #crocheting ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic

Then there is this...

@annmalonesulsar #duet with @crochetdragon #crochet #crocheting #scrumble #crochettiktok #crochetersoftiktok ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic
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