Pattern Testers Wanted!

March 22, 2022

 Yes, you read that right... I am in need of crochet pattern testers! 

Pattern Testers Wanted

email me to:

I'm in the process of writing up a few patterns and I need testers. Shoot me an email at if you wish to be considered for testing. I'm gathering a pool of testers for beginner patterns, blankets, shawls, wraps... cozy large-ish projects. 

Who would make a great pattern tester for me?

Are you :

  • a true beginner?
  • an experienced crocheter?
  • someone who likes large projects?
  • someone who just likes to crochet?

As long as you are willing to read the pattern and/or make the project, and give me feedback in a timely manner, I want your help!

Shoot me an email at 

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