Crochet Design Planner

April 22, 2022

Crochet Design


Do you design crochet projects? How about recreating them with scraps and bits of paper? How's that working out? How many do you lose? Brainstorm with this handy planner and see how organized you will feel!

I'm always trying to organize my thoughts as I design crochet projects. And I've come to realize I don't always write down the basic things needed as my brain goes 90 miles a minute. This planner helps me to remember all the things I take for granted when designing a project. I hope it helps you too.

Enjoy your design process!

Start with the basics and fill in everything you need before starting your project.

Do you doodle?

Are you a visual creator? Then these pages are for you! 

What's next?

Well, writing out the actual pattern, of course! 

Go ahead and scribble away and get your thoughts down on paper!

Go grab you a copy!

Do you want the notebook printed?  You can purchase an actual book over on Amazon!

Or head over to my Ko-Fi Shop and get a printable PDF!

Go purchase the pages here and start designing!!

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