How to Make a Chain to Use in Crochet

Can you chain? The simple chain is your start for many many crochet projects, yet I know some people have struggled to understand this most simple stitch.

Let's Chain Together

When my grand-daughter asked me to teach her to crochet I was so excited. Until I saw her struggling to understand how to chain. No matter how slow I went or how patient we both were when she got frustrated, she still had a very hard time understanding the chain stitch and how to use it. In my next few posts, I will be breaking down the basic stitches as simple as I can.  These posts are for my grand-daughter to reference, so the tone will be towards an absolute beginner.  Hopefully this will help her and anyone else having troubles. Here, we are starting with a chain, I've thrown in the slip knot as a bonus.

Simple things can sometimes be hard

Breaking it down, step by step, is a good way to overcome frustration. Maybe some good close up videos will help, too!  (fyi, there's no sound on these videos other than my A/C running in the background... it's hot.)

Start with a slip knot:


Next, yarn over (yo) :

And pull through the loop on your hook:

That's your first chain (ch)! Now repeat until you have your desired number of stitches. Note that you do not count the loop on your hook when counting your chain stitches. From here, you will follow your pattern, working into the chain stitches you just created. 

In example

Let's chain 12 stitches:

If we are going to single crochet (sc) the first row, start with the 2nd chain from your hook:

Why the 2nd? The first chain (ch) from your hook is to give height to your new row. You'll start with different chains depending on your pattern.  Also, try not to twist your chain when crocheting your first row!

In my next post, I will explain the Single Crochet stitch. Now go practice the chain so we can make something together soon.
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