Crochet Stitch Pattern - Bead Stitch

Crochet Stitch Pattern - Bead Stitch

First time I ever saw the Bead Stitch, I said to my self I had to learn it and I had to use it in a blanket. I’m in the middle of preparing a pattern for a blanket I just finished and I thought I’d share with y’all how to crochet the Bead Stitch.

Is this the correct way to crochet it? I’m not sure. But it’s the way I crochet it. Hope it helps you to start crocheting stitches and patterns outside your comfort zone.

Let’s Jump Into How to Crochet The Bead Stitch

  1. Set up the pattern with a row of hdc
  1. Chain3 (counts as a dc), turn your work
  1. Dc in next stitch
  1. YO, insert hook around dc just created, pull up a loop 3 times (7 loops on hook), yo and pull through all 7 loops, skip a stitch, dc in next
  1. Repeat 4 until end of row, ending with a dc in last st
  1. Chain 2 (counts as a hdc), turn work
  1. Hdc across row

The pattern should be a row of hdc above and below each row of “beads”, so a 3 row repeat would be:

hdc, beads, hdc

With that in mind, a 5 row repeat would be:

hdc, beads, hdc, beads, hdc

And so on…

I Got Video Proof of How Easy Crocheting The Bead Stitch Is

Of course, while I was filming myself crocheting a swatch of the Bead Stitch, I had to make a quick TikTok. Because why not?

Actually, I’m filming different segments of my blanket for the pattern release and to make a few YouTube videos. But yeah, I love me some TikTok, so go follow me there and all the other socials! (links are at the top of the page)

How Do You Crochet The Bead Stitch?

Do you have a different way to crochet the bead stitch? Let me know in the comments or send me an email and let me know.

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