I Used an AI to Write My About Page

AI Wrote My About Page

I Used an AI to Write My About Page - I Have Questions
First of all, let me say, as a Gen-Xer, I love technology. I welcome it into my very soul. That being said, AI sorta scares me. 2001: A Space Odyssey anyone? 

I'm using the free version of Rytr, which gives you 5000 credits per month. Each credit equals a character that is used... and I'm still trying to figure out "how" 520 words equals 3000 credits. But that's OK, I'm not writing full pages of copy through the AI. 

Until today. I've already used 59% of my monthly allotment, I generated about 14 blog post titles and outlines to be posted soon. Since those posts should keep me busy for a bit, and I have almost a full month before it re-sets, I might as well use up the remaining 41% with a shiny new "About" page. 

I had to come up with my optimal keywords, or a self description, before I start. And this site/blog is about crochet, crochet patterns, some food, and some extra musings thrown in, so this was the hardest part.

On most of my social media profiles, I have :
I’m a pool player, serial crafter, business owner, and a very silly person... at least in my mind.


I make thangs... mainly crochet. and I think I'm quite funny.

But that's not going to do for this experiment, now is it. 

My Own Keywords

What are my keywords that I would use describe myself?

  • crocheter
  • knitter
  • serial crafter
  • pool player
  • business owner
  • home cook
  • silly person

Now to use those in a brief paragraph. I don't need to get too fancy with this, otherwise I wouldn't need to use an AI generator to write for me. I probably could have done this myself, but I wanted to see what the AI would do. Here's the paragraph I came up with : 

Serial crafter with decades worth of experience while still being able to crochet, knit, play pool, make home cooked meals, and doing all while being a silly person.

I like that. I  then wondered if the AI will catch all my personality...

Let's Generate It

Rytr screenshot - AI generatorAfter weighing all my options, I was ready to punch the button. So I headed over to my account on Rytr and selected "Profile Bio" in the menu. There wasn't an "About Page" option, I figured this was the best fit for my needs. And I selected "convincing" for the tone of the page. Am I trying to convince my dear readers of anything? Maybe, maybe not... I just thought I'd leave the default on.

I put the simple description of me in the "About You" box, and it was too many characters. I had to pare it down. I removed the "with decades worth of experience" and it was still too much. I settled with :

Serial crafter that likes to crochet, knit, play pool, make home cooked meals, and doing all while being a silly person.

Now it was ready to go. After fixing the word count, I decided I would let it give me 3 different variants to chose from. The creativity level will give the AI some, well, creativity in generating my text. There's six levels to choose from; optimal, none, low, medium, high, and max.  I set it at optimal.  

What Did It Generate?

It was time to push the button.  And it gave me this :

I'm a scatter brain who is articulate enough to make you laugh.

I'm not your grandma. I'm the fun aunt you never had.

You will find me at the pool table, next to the TV, or in the kitchen. I am a maker of things and a breaker of silence.

Well, that was a bit underwhelming. I liked my original copy. So what did I do with this ...  I went back to my original copy and put it in Rytr again, but this time, instead of using the "Profile Bio" I used the "Landing Page & Website Copy". 

I put as much of the above info in the description box as I could and had to pad it a bit. I also thought I would change the tone to "funny" and only asked it to generate one variant. I was hoping this would give me something more on the lines of what I wanted. 

By this time, I was way over all this. So I crossed my fingers and hit that button. The result was something more of what I wanted, but still lacking.  

Ann Malone Sulsar, Crochet, Knit, and Pool Player

Ann Malone Sulsar is the woman behind Ann Malone Sulsar Crochet and So Much More. She's a serial crafter with decades worth of experience who has been crocheting since she was a child.

Features section:

Ann Malone Sulsar combines crochet, knitting, and pool playing with her love for cooking and being silly!

- - - AnnMaloneSulsar's hand-crafted crochet items are all made with the best quality yarn and materials available so that they can last for many years to come with proper care and love!

That definitely needs some editing, for example, I've only been crocheting for a few years, not since I was a child. The AI wouldn't have known that because I didn't give it that information. Am I going to edit it? Probably not.  If you want to see the finial product, head over to my shiny new About page. heehee...

In Conclusion:

Should AI replace me sitting down at the computer and write? No. But as a tool to jump start ideas, I think this was a fun experiment and will definitely be using AI again.   I've used 90% of my monthly credits, so I think I'll go generate some SEO Meta Description for this post and see if it will boost my site any.  It used up the last 10% of credits and gave me this : 

I used an AI to write my About Page, should AI replace my writing? I explore the responses to this question in this article

This bot is not to be seen as a replacement for human writers, but a tool to keep humans from wasting time on research, and let them spend more time on creating.

What if an AI could write like you? What if you could use it to generate blog content, Facebook posts, or newsletters? Would a robot take your job? No. A robot would be your assistant.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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