AI Art is Addictive...

September 09, 2022

AI Art is Addictive…

So you’ve seen all the hype about A.I. for art, for copywriting, to play chess… I even “wrote” my About Page using A.I.

OK, I didn’t “write” it, I just copied what it spit out and didn’t tweak or fix it. I thought it was quite funny.

ANYHOO… I’ve discovered A.I. rendered art. Both text to art, and text+images to art… it’s definitely addictive.

What Is This Electric Dream?

As far as the art creation goes, it’s a lot of fun! Trying to come up with just the right wording to prompt the A.I. into rendering anything close to what you see in your mind and seeing what it actually comes up with, so much enjoyment.

I tried a few different A.I. generators and I feel the NightCafe Studio is not only the easiest to use, but the artists on the site are amazing!

If you want to jump into creating your own A.I. art, it is very beginner friendly. This blog post of theirs is very informative on using their stuff.

I’ve been creating steampunk worlds, some Halloween images, and I’ve used my own images of myself to generate some cool pixies and witches.

I have generated a few images that were just nightmare fuel, I got rid of them super fast. (OK, they were just ugly, but “nightmare fuel” sounded better than “ugly”.”)

Where’s All This Going?

It’s all going out to the open sea. Well, some of it is. Actually to “”, for sale.

Why? Why not? A few of my A.I. creations are up over on my OpenSea profile.

They are NFTs for sale, so you will need to open an account if you wish to purchase them. It’s pretty easy and painless to setup an account.

You need a wallet, some crypto, and you’re good to go.

OK, it’s a little more involved than that. The OpenSea help center has articles to help you through it if you are new to the NFT world.

I’d make a few posts on how to do it, but that’s not what my site is about.

I’m only showing off what I’ve created AND to let y’all know a new way to help support my yarn addiction.

That’s all for now, go check out both my NightCafeStudio profile and my OpenSea profile and give me some love by buying or just giving me some hearts.

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