OpenSea NFTs For Sale - AI Artwork by Me

September 12, 2022

Quick Post...

OpenSea NFTs For Sale - AI Artwork by Me 
I've been having a lot of fun over on NightCafe Studio.  If you haven't seen any A.I. art, you're missing out on some amazing artworks! There are a bunch of ai art generators popping up all over the place. I checked out a few and NightCafe is the one that really spoke to me. 

Not only can you create for free with daily credits they give you, you can purchase credits by subscription or as a package, if you need more. You can also earn credits by sharing your work and a few other ways.

AND you can sell your handy work as prints or NFTs.  I set up a few for sale over on OpenSea.  Go check them out and if you can't support me by buying one, give them some love with a heart/favorite!


These are #ai generated #aiart using pictures of myself to make pixies

Clockwork Me

These were also AI generated (at NightcafeStudio) using pictures of myself, this time as clockworks

And More...

Again... AI generated, because it's addictive!

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