Crochet Stitch Pattern - A Basket Weave Stitch

Crochet Stitch Pattern - Basket Weave Stitch

Adding texture to a blanket, or other crochet project, is very visually pleasing. A simple way to do that is to crochet the Basket Weave Stitch. People will think you are magic with your crochet hook, when really it’s a simple 2 stitch repeat, on repeat.

If you can double crochet, you can learn this stitch pattern. Crocheting around the front post, or around the back post, may be intimidating to beginners, but fear not! Once you figure it out, it is easy to do.

What Crochet Stitches Do You Need To Learn For The Basket Weave Stitch?

The Basket Weave Stitch is a 4 row repeat using (basically) only 2 different stitches.

  1. A front post double crochet (fpdc)
  1. A back post double crochet (bpdc)

Pattern Repeat For The Basket Weave Stitch

Depending on your project, you will need a starting chain, or if you are placing the basket weave stitch within a project a foundation/starting row, with multiples of 8 stitches. As stated above, this is a 4 row repeat, but it’s actually just the 2 stitches. Below, I am not stating what your beginning, or edge stitches might be, only the Basket Weave pattern.

  1. Start with 4 fpdc, then 4 bpdc. Repeat to the end of the row
  1. Crochet 4 bpdc, then 4 fpdc. (After you turned your work on the first row, the fpdc will look like bpdc, and vice versa. If it looks like a bpdc, then bpdc into it.)
  1. Crochet 4 bpdc, then 4 fpdc. (Do the opposite of row 2, if it looks like fpdc, then bpdc into it.)
  1. Crochet 4 fpdc, then 4 bpdc. (Again, crochet the same as row 2, if it looks like a bpdc, then bpdc into it.)

That’s it! 4 rows of repeating 2 rows, repeating 2 bunches of 2 different stitches… Confused as me? OK then here, watch my YouTube video on how to do it. Hopefully it will make more sense. 😃

Where Can You Use The Basket Weave Stitch?

You can use this stitch pattern in blankets, pillows, sweaters… any project that you want really! Go crochet something fun with it and show me over on my social media. Tag me on IG, annnik88 or over on TikTok, annmalonesulsar, or even over on my Facebook page, AnnMaloneSulsar … just go have some fun with it!

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